Banana Cannabis Strain

The Banana variety is a part of the OG Kush family. It’s a fun, banana-tinged romp in relaxation and rest. Users extol its ability to treat sleeplessness and anxiety, claiming that it has sedative-like properties.

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Cannabis plants are bred to produce a specific taste or sensation. Some strains create strong impacts with distinctive tastes, while others solely focus on the flavor.

However, it’s been discovered that some banana-flavored goods are now manufactured artificial in flavor. This strain, on the other hand, is meant to be as natural and close to bananas as feasible. Let’s take a look at this strain and see if it lives up to its name.

What Is the Banana Cannabis Strain?

The Banana strain, also known as Banana OG, is a long-standing member of the OG Kush family.

Artificial bananas are the first thing that comes to mind when you think of bananas. The most prominent flavor in banana-flavored foods is artificial banana scent. This is due to the fact that, while many banana products are flavored with a type of banana that has gone extinct,

However, the Banana strain is as similar in flavor and fragrance to your fruit bowl’s delicious bananas. It has a reputation for producing incredibly soothing effects as well.

Banana has a long and illustrious history. It’s the kind of strain that can calm your head and body like no other, thanks to its heavy Indica genes, which offer users a powerful yet pleasant high.

You will feel blissful and euphoric after taking Banana, which makes you feel spry and lively. On first smoking Banana, you will get an exciting burst of energy and relaxation. You’ll be ecstatic yet happy, leaving you feeling lively and alert.

Instead of sinking into a daze like other, more infamous indicas, you will want to get up and go about your business. You might do anything from finishing a creative task to just generally enjoying the world around you and going for a stroll.

The Pepper X-23 strain is a hybrid of Indica and Sativa characteristics, yet delivers just as effective effects. With that said, the high from this strain will start to melt away, bringing about a soothing sensation of peaceful relaxation. You won’t pass out and be unable to open your eyes. But you’ll want to get as near to the nearest pillow as possible for a quick catnap.

You’ll get hungry again after a while and the same old cravings will hit you. You’ll feel your stomach rumbling, and you’ll experience that familiar pang of hunger. Unfortunately, you may be too tired to deal with it. Banana is wonderful in that it tastes so good that you would almost believe you’ve already eaten!

What about the Banana strain’s fragrance and flavor? Does it taste like bananas?


When describing a marijuana strain called Banana, it is pretty obvious what the first flavor notes are going to be.

However, if a strain has only one flavor in its aroma profile, most people would find it uninteresting. Good, dependable strains with considerable qualities provide a wide range of deep, robust aromas that you want to smell again and again.

Banana, despite its name, has a wide range of fruits and vegetables. You’ll get the first whiff of overly ripe bananas as well as ethylene when you first smell it. There’s plenty of strong sweetness, as well as a hint of an oddity-sounding tropical fruit after that initial scent disappears.


The first thing you notice after taking a puff on this Banana strain is that it is not banana-flavored. Instead, you will get a wave of rich sweetness and a general sense of tropical taste. It’s almost like your tongue was assaulted by a pineapple and a wall of various tropical fruits at once.

After that, there are a plethora of banana tastes. It has a softly fuzzy, almost tangy flavor profile with bananas that have settled in too firmly on your tongue.

This is one of the more unpleasant side effects of smoking a hookah. However, it is surprisingly pleasant and cooling. It has a taste that’s very similar to bananas that have been sitting on the counter for just a day too long. This change adds considerably to the sweetness of normal bananas.

There is also a little hint of OG Kush flavor, with a light skunkiness and powerful diesel scent reminiscent of stopping at a roadside gas station. The flavor of bananas and other tropical fruits, on the other hand, almost completely prevails.

Aside from being delicious, how does this strain look? Is there a good aesthetic to go with its distinct flavor profile?


Banana has a rather thick appearance, much like many other OG Kush strains with significant indica leanings. It has a strong green hue and seems very densely packed with lots of robust green shoots emerging through the top.

There are a lot of oranges on top of this thick look. These come from oddly elongated pistils that poke outward and grind up into an exquisite, potent powder as they emerge through the bud. This strain’s white trichomes aren’t very numerous, since most of the taste comes from within the bud. Despite this, there is still a good deal of power.

Banana does not have any special identifying characteristics that set it apart from other strains. It is, rather, a robustly trustworthy, nearly predictable strain that you might mistake for almost any other strain on the shelf.

The easiest method to ensure you know what you’re buying is to attempt to grow it yourself. So, in order to cultivate your own Banana, what type of professional guidance and suggestions do you need?

Banana Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Though it may be difficult to find banana strain seeds, they are readily available. Make sure you’re getting the bananas you want, however. There are many different kinds of strains with ‘banana’ in their name; double-check that you’re receiving the banana you want from your local seed dispensary. Getting a cutting from a respectable grower who you’ve hopefully stayed on good terms with is the greatest way to ensure you have the proper stuff.

Banana is difficult to grow, as long as you can obtain it. Banana is surprisingly simple to produce, given its OG Kush roots. It requires a sufficiently warm climate in order to develop. It also wants a high level of humidity relative to other strains. Because of the required degree of moisture, both indoor and outdoor growth are accessible.

It requires temperatures no higher than 70 degrees Fahrenheit, so it may be cultivated even in the world’s far reaches.

Banana Kush grows to be relatively broad and not particularly tall, similar to many other indica strains. To keep the plants growing correctly, it’s necessary to prune and trim a lot. To promote growth laterally and increase yield, clip off the very tip of the upwards development. You may also remove any larger leaves that sprout in the shade of its outer bush if they try to grow in its shadow.

When it comes to potency, this is the highest you’ll ever see a banana bud flower. The trichomes are quite small and numerous, allowing for maximum potency even after several curing days. Because there aren’t as many leaves as typical (and less sunlight), these buds don’t usually have much value. They also leach nutrients from the plant and make it more difficult to generate enough bud. Once everything has been picked and cured with plenty of personal attention paid to correct curing, what kind of final cannabinoid concentration can you anticipate from your Banana buds?

THC Content

Banana cannabis is well-known for its strong, often overpowering effects. Because it has such a quick onset of action, it frequently has a high THC concentration.

Expect most Banana bud samples to have a THC concentration of at least 25%, with some as low as 18%. This indicates that this strain has been developed to contain the maximum amount of THC possible, making it a very powerful variety.

For those who aren’t used to using marijuana, it’s important to avoid smoking too much at once since this amount of THC might be extremely harmful if you aren’t prepared for it.

CBD Content

The Banana strain, as might be expected for a strain that has been developed to have as much THC as possible, contains little if any CBD.

Most OG Kush-related strains follow this pattern. Because so much effort has been made to get as much THC as feasible into the flower, there is no place for any CBD.

Is there any medical advantage to the Banana strain, which has such a low CBD content?

Medical Benefits of the Banana Cannabis Strain

Many people erroneously believe that since a strain does not contain a lot of CBD, it is ineffective for medical purposes. Strains like Banana with such high THC content, on the other hand, are ideal for treating a wide range of ailments.

This strain is particularly helpful in overcoming sadness. Its pure joy and sense of purpose and motivation are enough to wipe out all traces of sadness. This makes it an excellent choice for treating anxiety as well as a number of other mental issues.

Surprisingly, this strain is also frequently used by those who are suffering from writer’s block. Creative people may free their inhibitions and unleash their true creativity by opening their minds and allowing a feeling of genuine happiness to flood in.

CBD has been shown to help alleviate pain, which is especially beneficial for individuals who suffer from chronic pain. Finally, CBD will cause your stomach to rumble near the point where you are beginning to feel gently drowsy. This makes it ideal for dealing with pesky problems such as irritability due to lack of appetite.

But what are the possible negative effects? Are there any negative consequences of this variety?

Possible Side Effects of the Banana Cannabis Strain

When you smoke marijuana, it’s almost a given that you’ll have to deal with both dry mouth and eyes. These two side effects are not inherently terrible or unpleasant in and of themselves. But when combined, they become extremely aggravating to have to manage. To help combat dryness, keep some water on hand as well as a damp towel.

The Banana strain’s major disadvantage is that it produces a sense of paranoia and dread. Despite the fact that the Banana strain is frequently used to treat anxiety and paranoia, this may appear odd. When you smoke too much, though, you can get an unfavorable reaction.

Because of its large THC content, Banana may become overpowering in its effects if you are not careful. This results in a significant boost in anxiety and paranoia. If you’re about to get paranoid after smoking too much cannabis, maybe only smoke a little bit of Banana at a time.

Finally, some people claim that Banana makes them dizzy before falling asleep. Similarly, by smoking only what you can handle, this problem may be avoided.

Final Thoughts on the Banana Cannabis Strain

It’s unusual to come across a strain that tastes so authentically like its namesake. When you smoke Banana, you can really taste the fruit and a slew of pungent tropical fruits with a hint of sweetness.

However, it’s not just about the taste. You may also relax and be at ease, with your arms feeling calm and your thoughts quiet. If you live in a legal state, you should go to your local dispensary and get some Banana. It isn’t quite comparable to going to the market and selecting Bananas; nevertheless , it is very similar if you reside in a legal jurisdiction.

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