Frequently Asked Questions About RC Cars

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Considering getting an RC car? Here are some frequently asked questions about RC cars that might help you make your decision with

Is an RC car expensive to maintain?

No! Maintaining an RC car can actually be quite cheap, as compared to a real vehicle. You’ll need to buy batteries and some spare parts for the vehicle, but it’s nothing compared to the costs of having a real car.

How long do batteries last in an RC car?

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Batteries in an RC car typically last anywhere from 10 minutes to two hours depending on the size of the battery and type of terrain you’re driving on. Some newer models come with rechargeable batteries, so you don’t have to use disposable batteries.

Do I need any special tools to work on my RC car?

No, most basic maintenance and repairs can be done with simple household tools. However, you might want to invest in some special tools if you plan on doing more complex repairs or modifications. You’ll also need a few standard items such as screwdrivers, wrenches, and Allen keys.

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