Gatineau cannabis

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When looking for Gatineau cannabis, it’s important to know exactly what you’re buying. That starts with the strain — indica, sativa, or hybrid — and extends to the THC/CBD content. Knowing the THC/CBD content of a strain will help you decide if it’s right for your situation.

What is the best cannabis in Gatineau for personal use

Indica is relaxing and sedating, so it’s better for night-time use. On the other hand, sativa is energizing and uplifting – perfect for day time use and creative tasks. And hybrids contain a little bit of both.

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Another thing to consider when purchasing Gatineau cannabis is the THC and CBD content of each strain. Most strains have both active cannabinoids, but in different levels that can range from 5%-20% or more on either side. Generally speaking, higher levels of THC will give you a more intense experience while higher levels of CBD will produce more mellow effects.

Finally, terpenes are another component to take into consideration when purchasing Gatineau cannabis. Terpenes are naturally occurring oils found in plants like cannabis that give them their unique aroma and flavor profiles. They can also contribute to the effects you’ll experience after consumption – so if you’re trying to get specific types of effects from your cannabis, researching different terpene profiles can be key!

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