GMO Cookies Weed Strain

Surprisingly named and even more surprisingly scented, this indica-leaning hybrid is well worth trying. This strain has a great deal of garlic, coffee, and sweet tastes combined with a very relaxed mood.

Girl Scout Cookies, otherwise known as GSC, is a potent, indica-dominant strain family that’s well-known to all. Girl Scout Cookies, or GSC for short, is quite strong and sweet tasting. As a result, any hybridized from such a renowned seed would undoubtedly have all of the characteristics associated with a typical GSC variety.

However, not everything created as a crowd-pleaser tastes the same, as GMO Cookies demonstrates. Another popular choice is GMO Cookies, which has a flavor profile that is distinctively different and produces its own unique reactions.

Let’s take a look at the GMO Cookies strain to learn more about what sets it apart.

What Is the GMO Cookies Strain?

GMO is a term that most people would be hesitant to use when talking about marijuana strains. GMO has acquired a terrible reputation recently, and anything named after it is viewed as harmful. GMO Cookies, on the other hand, isn’t connected with genetically modified organisms in any way.

GMO Cookies is a cannabis strain that was created by Divine Genetics and dubbed so because of the tremendous amount of effort put into growing it. It’s also a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Chemdawg, and its name incorporates portions of the letters from both parents.

GMO Cookies is a California-based company that was founded in the year 2000. The cookies are initially designed to be identical, although consumers could request different flavor options. Funnily enough, GMO Cookies has another name that some dispensaries prefer to use over its original name: Garlic Cookies. This is because of the extremely discernible garlic fragrance that can be detected as soon as you walk into the space.

The effects of this strain, on the other hand, are considerably more comparable to those of its parent strains than you would expect.


GMO Cookies is a hybrid with a strong indica influence, similar to many other heavily indica-dominant strains. The deep, profound surge of relaxation will flow through your veins after first inhalation. It will then seep into every pore of your body, chilling out your brain and causing it to become somewhat psychedelic.

GMO Cookies is a sativa-dominant hybrid that does an excellent job of providing powerful relaxation effects. It’s not just a sensation of calmness; it’s a sense of total satisfaction. Furthermore, the high has the intriguing quality of sticking around for hours at a time. It almost appears as if the high will never go away, allowing you to enjoy its benefits over and over again, like a throbbing feeling that doesn’t seem to diminish.

Even more pleasurably, you won’t lose consciousness or fall asleep during the majority of the high. You’ll simply want to sit back and relax. Only after hours of usage will you be ready to rest your head and shut your eyes at the end of the experience.

It’s a wonderful strain to unwind with in the late afternoon or early evening when you’ve had a long, stressful day. It’s soothing and munchies-inducing, but not too powerful to be annoying.

What about its notorious aroma and flavor? What kind of unique characteristics does its taste provide?


The most unique aspect of the GMO Cookies strain’s fragrance is that it has a strong, pungent odor that resembles freshly peeled garlic. When you pass by this bud, you’ll get hit with a whiff of fresh, lightly crushed garlic cloves. The aroma also contains a little coffee taste on the back end, which adds to the entire strange and exciting quality of the scent.

Although the roasted garlic smell isn’t exactly like roasted garlic or even just the scent of garlic cooking, it is eerily similar to that of raw garlic. nRather than containing actual, cooked cloves, store-bought varieties typically include powdered shelled garlic or dehydrated whole bulbs—which have a comparable taste and texture to fresh raw ones.

So, how did you feel about the taste? Does this strange aroma stay with you after eating it?


After you have begun burning the GMO Cookies bud, its flavor will appear to you strange. You might anticipate the garlic scent to linger, but it is far more intense than you would expect. It has a strange coffee-like taste about it, so much so that you may believe you are drinking a cup of coffee rather than smoking marijuana.

The flavors intermingle and mix together, with qualities that you would not typically put together. It isn’t really weird; it tastes quite delicious.

What about the appearance? What kind of impression does the GMO Cookies strain make?


The distinctiveness of the GMO Cookies bud comes from its lack of indica characteristics. Instead of the standard indica form, GMO Cookies has a mostly sativa structure.

The bud is flattened with a green hue and a large burst of white trichomes. There are plenty of orange pistils in the mix, which give it its distinct odor and flavor.

To really appreciate the GMO Cookies strain’s look and fragrance, you should attempt to cultivate your own. What do you need to know in order to produce your own GMO Cookies?

GMO Cookies Strain Grow Info

You’ll need some strain seeds to grow your own GMO Cookies. Fortunately, there is a wide range of seeds available, but the greatest thing to do is locate another producer. Simply obtain a cutting from their GMO Cookies plant, and you’ll have a lot more success growing your own.

It’s all about the weather when it comes to deciding whether to cultivate GMO Cookies indoors or outdoors. You simply need to think about what kind of temperature you have available. If you live in a colder region, your GMO Cookies may not survive long enough to produce a decent yield. However, if you expose it to lower temperatures, you’ll notice an fascinating color variaton that can be really stunning.

For the greatest, most consistent results, raise it indoors under constant lighting and warmth. It is essential to try and practice frequent topping in order for your GMO Cookies plant’s yield to rise. This refers to cutting off the peak of the plant as soon as it grows past its original branches.

The most common reason for GMO Cookies plants to fall over is because of their height. This encourages more lateral bud development, as well as ensuring that the GMO Cookies plant does not grow too tall and fall over. This is something many Girl Scout Cookie strains have a propensity to do.

Finally, when the leaves at the bottom of the plant get covered, cut them off to enhance energy consumption.

What kind of last cannabidiol (CBD) content do you anticipate from your GMO Cookies bud after harvesting, drying, and storing it?

THC Content – Highest Test

GMO Cookies cannabis, like many other highly effective indica strains, is rich in THC. GMO Cookies cannabis has up to 30% THC in its buds. It’s more likely that you’ll find 24% THC rather than 30%, owing to the principle of averages.

Regardless of its actual THC proportion, you can anticipate to discover an enormous amount of THC in any given product. What about the real CBD concentration? Is there anything else that should be considered when it comes to the more medically useful cannabinoid?

CBD Content – Highest Test

Unfortunately, GMO Cookies is just another strong marijuana strain with a high THC concentration. Due to the fact that it was developed out of existence years ago to make way for more THC, it has practically no CBD content.

GMO Cookies, on the other hand, does not contain any significant CBD levels, but it does have some medical advantages.

Medical Benefits of the GMO Cookies Strain

GMO Cookies is well regarded for its applications in treating mental issues and trauma as a mostly indica-leaning hybrid strain. These include severe, difficult-to-live-with problems such as stress, anxiety, or depression. As a result, it is used by many people on a daily basis to attempt to cure these conditions.

It is a wonderful pain reliever for your entire body, aiding it in ignoring any type of challenge that it may be experiencing, whether mental or physical.

GMO Cookies, on the other hand, lifts your spirits like no other strain, making everything appear simpler. It’s a wonderful strain to try and break down mental barriers such as blockage of creativity. Of course, you won’t be able to write anything during the high period, but hopefully the creativity acquired during the high will continue into when you are sober again.

Overall, this is a typical indica-dominant strain when it comes to medical uses. You can handle your mental or physical problems without feeling overwhelmed, and you won’t be disturbed by any of the unpleasantness associated with them. Cancer patients frequently utilize this strain to help them relax during chemotherapy treatments and as a sleep aid at night.

Of course, with each fantastic strain and potential advantage, there will be a few negative aspects. What are the GMO Cookies side effects?

Possible Side Effects of the GMO Cookies Strain

After smoking some GMO Cookies, you’ll feel dry mouth and eyes. Expect to have a drier mouth and eyes after taking some GMO Cookies since it has a high THC concentration like most all-powerful marijuana strains. These two symptoms are quite unpleasant if you aren’t expecting them, so be prepared. Keep a wet towel and a glass of water on hand as well as plenty of fluids beforehand.

The other well-known effect of GMO Cookies is to feel dizzy after a short period of time. This usually only happens if you’ve been smoking too much at once. However, after about 20 minutes into the high, a little amount is to be anticipated.

Although you’ll have to wait a few days after eating it before experiencing any of the effects, these are well worth the wait! There have also been reports that some people became anxious or paranoid as a result of this strain, but you shouldn’t be concerned. The major impact that GMO Cookies has on people is its sleep-inducing quality.

You’re going to fall asleep after taking this, especially if you smoke a lot, so be prepared. Don’t take this strain during the day when you have lots of things to do or places to go. Instead, only consume it when you are certain of a secure, accessible place to nod off at the conclusion.

Final Thoughts on the GMO Cookies Strain

The GMO Cookies strain is another one of those unique marijuana strains with a strange name and a stellar reputation. The cannabis community has overruled the original growers and simply referred to it as what it smells like – Garlic Cookies, in fact.

Whether you refer to it as GMO Cookies or Garlic Cookies, the fact remains that it is a highly intriguing breed. This is a fantastic strain to try no matter what purpose you’re smoking for because of its rich, diverse tastes that compete on your tongue.

GMO Cookies is a must-try. Even if you’re not sure when your high will end, you should try GMO Cookies because it’s the strain for you.

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