How to rent car safely

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Now that you know the basics of renting a car with, let’s talk about how to do it safely. Here’s some important guidelines to follow when renting a car:

Check if your car insurance covers rental cars

If you already have car insurance, it might cover rental cars too. Before renting, check with your insurer or broker to confirm what kind of coverage you’ll have and look into any exclusions that come with it.

Do a full inspection before you hand over your cash

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Before you sign the papers and take off, take the time to do a full inspection of the vehicle. Check all four sides for dents, scratches and other damage. You don’t want to end up paying for something that somebody else did. Make sure everything is in working order too—lights, brakes, wipers etc. And don’t forget to check the tires!

Read the fine print

Don’t just skim over the contract when renting a car. Take your time to read through all of it and ask as many questions as you need clarifying before signing off on anything. In particular, pay close attention to any restrictions about where you can take the vehicle and when your rental period ends so that you can avoid any unnecessary charges.

When done right, renting a car is an easy and convenient way to get around—just make sure that you’re aware and prepared before committing to anything!

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