Insano Cake Strain

Insano Cake is a popular strain among medical cannabis users looking for pain relief. In insignificant doses, it may increase energy and provide a sense of rejuvenation. Insano Cake in higher dosages might cause drowsiness and aid with sleep, while in larger amounts it could induce forgetfulness and help with sleeping. Try our Bruce Banished Strain.

When marijuana breeders want to name their creations, they take pleasure in it. This is particularly true if you’re a beginner.

What Is the Insano Cake Strain?

It’s a 50/50 blend of Shiskaberry and Cotton Candy Kush that is high in THC and CBD. It was created by Chimera Seeds, a Vancouver-based breeder who is well-known for creating several high-quality hybrids combining Blueberry and Skunk strains.

Insano Cake is known for its pleasant scent, making it ideal to offer with friends. Insano Cake is unquestionably a great choice if you want to relax completely. When using Insano Cake, it’s crucial to start modestly. The high can take time to become apparent. If you use too much Insano Cake, you may feel very drowsy.

The Insano Cake is considered to be one of the greatest ways to communicate with friends via content.

When the cerebral high takes hold, you’ll almost certainly be cheerful and possibly euphoric. Some consumers say that watching a film or listening to music while taking Insano Cake is more immersive. After a while, the high travels down the body, relaxing the muscles and making them heavy.

Insano Cake may be taken in smaller doses throughout the day. However, if you use a large amount of it, you might become overwhelmed with feelings of serenity. In this scenario, moving and fighting sleepiness will be difficult, so stick to big dosages at night when your goal is to nod off.


The Insano Cake’s aroma begins with wood and moss undertones, with a citrus aftertaste. When you light it, you’ll smell citrus notes combined with an earthy finish.


When inhaled, Insano Cake has a sweet and earthy flavor. When breathed out, some people say they taste cheese and flowers on their tongue. Lemon nuances become more apparent on the exhale, particularly in conjunction with other chemicals.


The flowers of ‘Insano Cake’ are enormous, with a thick layer of curly leaves covering the bottom of the plant. The pistils have subtle orange tints that blend into the lush green foliage. Trichomes as big as marbles cover developing buds near maturity.

Insano Cake Strain Grow Info

When Insano Cake seeds were originally released, locating them online was a snap. These days, it might be more difficult to do so. It is, nevertheless, a strain that is suitable for novices. As a result, attempting to develop clonal copies if you can’t discover any seeds is worth your time. The genes of the Insano Cake plant are mold and pest resistant as well as disease resistant.

If you want to cultivate Insano Cake outside, keep in mind that it requires a certain amount of humidity. Its ideal temperature range is between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Insano Cake will give up to 17 ounces per plant in an outdoor setting. It’s ready for harvesting beginning of October in the outdoors.

It’s considerably more convenient to maintain tabs on your plants while sitting at home. When Insano Cake develops into a short and stubby plant,

During the blossoming phase, the buds expand to such a degree that the branches droop. Use wooden dowels or something similar to help them stay upright. Insano Cake takes 7-9 weeks to flower indoors and produces up to 14 ounces each square meter planted.

THC Content – Highest Test

  • The amount of Insano Cake depends on the form of cut. It has a THC level of 15 to 23 percent, according to type. It should have around 20% THC in total.

CBD Content – Highest Test

  • The Canna-4 strain contains very little cannabidiol (CBD) in quantities too small to measure. It may be as high as 9% in certain cases.

Medical Benefits of the Insano Cake Strain

Insano Cake is a well-balanced cross between indica and sativa, but when utilized in higher dosages, its indica effects become more apparent. It’s one of the most popular strains among individuals looking to lift their spirits or relieve tension. Some Insano Cake may assist in replacing negative ideas with more cheery ones, which might be beneficial for sadness. Consider using this marijuana strain to address sadness.

It’s been shown that Insano Cake is highly effective against everything from cancer to depression. In smaller amounts, it may also help you feel more energetic. It might also assist you in being more creative. It’s powerful enough to aid with a variety of painful problems.

In excessive dosages, Insano Cake may be required. If you’re having difficulties sleeping, you’ll need a higher amount of Insano Cake. However, this will also increase the chance of undesirable outcomes.

Possible Side Effects of the Insano Cake Strain

There is a chance that Insano Cake may irritate your eyes and cause them to become dry and irritated. You could also notice that your mouth becomes parched. In rare cases, users have reported dizziness and mild headaches.

Final Thoughts on the Insano Cake Strain

The Insano Cake strain is a versatile one that may be consumed throughout the day or at night. However, how much you use depends on your requirements. To assist you focus and fill your thoughts with lovely ideas, try using a little quantity. Moderate to high consumption of the Insano Cake strain might leave you drowsy and couch-locked.

The Insano Cake strain is a daytime-use or nighttime-use plant that may be utilized for a variety of purposes.

Insano Cake seeds are difficult to come by on the market, but it’s well worth the effort. It’s a straightforward strain to grow and has enough resin to be used in concentrates.


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