Loud City Wax Pen Guide

Dabbing might be a time-consuming and labor-intensive operation. It can also appear intimidating or frightening to those who are unfamiliar with it, especially if they’re using a torch, and it isn’t the most portable of solutions—most dab rigs need their own place in the house, but some may be carried in a bag. Looking to try something new? Check out this loud city wax pen.

For those who enjoy dabs but do not want to deal with the hassles of setting up a rig, there is a solution: try a dab pen.

Note: A vaporizer, also known as a vape, is a device used to heat up substances in order to inhale them. Cannabis, cigarettes, and other herbs or blends of essential oil are commonly utilized materials. They can, however, be filled with a solution containing propylene glycol, glycerin, and drugs like nicotine (e.g., tobacco extract) or tetrahydrocannabinol as a liquid solution.

What is a dab wax pen?

The term dab pen is used to describe any device that sits in between a vape pen and a dab rig. They allow you to easily breathe cannabis concentrates since they are often similar to thick vape pens.

Wax pen pros and cons

Why not a vape pen? Because the oil in a vape cartridge is typically concentrated, it has been mixed with other chemicals to make it weaker and more palatable.


Dab pens are for people who want the taste and potency of a concentrates without having to dab, or simply wish to dab more easily.

Dab pens are self-contained devices that contain their own heating system, eliminating the need for a torch, nail, or water for a dab rig. Simply put in some concentrate and screw on the mouthpiece to get started. You may still require a dab tool to place the concentrate into the oven depending on the type of dab pen and the concentrate used.

Dab pens are more advanced and may be used with any type of concentrate. You can also adjust the temperature, amount, and type of concentrate you want to dab.


One disadvantage of dab wax pens: flavour is a big aspect of dabbing, and while dab pens have adjustable temperature settings, some dabbers feel that the temperature setting may be dialed in better with a dab rig.

Types of dab pens

Dab pen sizes range from tiny to large. They resemble a thick vape pen, although they do not contain a cartridge with oil like a vape pen does. They have a mouthpiece similar to that of a vape pen, but no oil cartridge—the concentrate is crammed straight into the pen.

Ovens and bowls can be heated this way too, though they aren’t as common. They resemble vape pens in that the mouthpiece typically comes off, revealing the oven or bowl, and there’s a button to turn on and adjust temperature, which must be pressed when inhaling.

Dab wax pens, on the other hand, are often powered by conduction heating—a small oven inside the dab pen warms up, and concentrate is applied directly to its surface. Vape pens use convection heating rather than direct contact with a hot coil, which differs from dab pens.

In some older dab pens, the concentrate is directly put on the heating coils, which can scorch dabs and ruin terpenes and flavor.

Ceramic ovens, which are frequently used in combination with water-filtered or distilled water for the best taste and consistency, help to prevent scorching by evenly heating concentrates. They also provide consistent draws, better vapor, and make cleaning the dab pen simpler.

How to use a dab wax pen

Dab pens are meant to be user-friendly. Before you begin, make sure it’s charged and that the temperature is set to your preferred level. The power button can be used to change the temperature.

Some dab pens need a dab tool to load extracts into them, which might be difficult because they’re small and some dabs are sticky, gooey, dripping, or messy. To get dabs into the pen’s oven, you’ll need some finesse, as well as being careful not to put it in the rim instead of the oven. Before loading hot dabs into your pen, leave them out for a few minutes to warm up.

Simply press the button to inhale once the pen is filled with concentrate. Every dab pen is unique, so double-check the user’s guide for any additional information you need to know about how to customize the settings or anything else crucial.

How to clean a dab wax pen

Dab pens are simple to clean and can be wiped out with a Q-Tip soaked in rubbing alcohol. The mouthpiece may be soaked in a jar of alcohol, but check the instruction leaflet to see if you can do so, as well as other cleaning methods.

After each bowlful of concentrate has been completely vaporized, some people clean their dab pen. It is, at the very least, recommended that you clean your dab rig after every use. Keep in mind that when you’re cleaning the oven, it’s best not to let it get too hot. Dabs can be sticky, so keep your dab pen clean to ensure it performs properly and lasts a long time.

Troubleshooting dab wax pens

Always make sure your dab pen is fully charged. A dead battery is the most typical problem with a dab pen that isn’t working. It’s possible that the device is clogged if it turns on but won’t allow you to draw through it. To get a clear pull, you may need to clean

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