Magic Smoke Weed: Purple Punch Strain

The Purple Punch strain from Magic Smoke Weed is a delicious hybrid that contains sweet and fruity characteristics. Purple Punch has a flavor profile of grape Kool-Aid and blueberry muffins, making it mouthwateringly sweet. The Purple Punch strain is made up of two well-known indicas with powerful effects. The result is an uplifting hybrid that provides profound calmness, making it perfect for both recreational and medical marijuana users.

Continue reading to learn more about the purple strain, which has a powerful punch.

What Is the Purple Punch Strain?

Supernova Gardens created Purple Punch, an indica-dominant hybrid with a 80:20 indica to sativa ratio.

Fans of either Granddaddy Purple or Larry OG will be ecstatic with the by-product of intelligent breeding, since it was developed from the one and only Granddaddy Purple and crossed with Larry OG.

Purple Punch is a hybrid strain that’s a cross of Larry OG and GDP. With all of the tastes of GDP, it provides excellent physical effects, including body melting.

In 2018, the world fell in love with Purple Punch and it became a worldwide phenomenon, gaining recognition for many patients as well as cannabis aficionados. The popularity of Purple Punch is largely due to its delightful flavor and deeply soothing, sedative effects, which is why many cannaseurs consider this strain their favorite evening treat.


Although the flavor of Purple Punch is quite distinct, with robust undertones of sweet grape, it has a distinctive smell. There’s no doubting that this fragrant bloom is descended from Granddaddy Purple.

If you don’t like your cannabis to be too sweet, this one may be overpowering. Purple Punch’s fragrant aroma is a combination of sweet and sugary notes that remind me of grape-flavored Kool-Aid and freshly baked blueberry muffins.

Purple Punch has a high amount of caryophyllene, which may lead to spice notes in the aroma. Limonene and pinene are two of its other terpenes.


Purple Punch is a blue-hued, pinkish strain that produces a delicious sweet treat in the form of a dessert. It’s a real purp with complex tastes and an overwhelmingly sweet motif.

On the inhale, Purple Punch has a wonderfully sweet flavor, with berry and grape notes being the first to come through. The smooth blueberry flavor of Purple Punch comes to the forefront on the exhale, followed by a pleasant sweetness that lingers.


Purple Punch, thanks to its rich supply of anthocyanins, is a lovely looking bud. The mature Purple Punch plant has GDP-like purple tones, which are particularly obvious in the plant’s distinct purple leaves.

The buds are light green and coated with a thick layer of icy trichomes. The pistils turn bright orange as the plant matures, adding to its vibrant hue.

Purple Punch Strain Grow Info

Purple Punch is a good choice for beginners because it has an intermediate level of difficulty when compared to other strains. Its growth difficulty is considered medium, making it ideal for those with prior experience. Maintain mold and pest control are the main worries; caterpillars, in particular, enjoy eating this plant.

Purple Punch does best in a sunny, humid environment, so those who cultivate this flower indoors will need to use high-powered lights and a powerful heating system.

The finest results will be achieved by growers using outdoor cultivation in a Mediterranean climate, with harvesting beginning around mid-late October. The good news is that Purple Punch has a high outdoor yield of 35-70 ounces per plant, which provides plenty of material for extraction.

To ensure a healthy and successful harvest, you’ll need to top with smaller leaves regularly to prevent the bigger leaves from shading and preventing light and air from reaching the plants.

Sow seeds as soon as the ground has thawed in order for them to germinate and grow well before the weather cools down. The plant’s flowers will be ready in 50-60 days indoors, so growers don’t have to wait long to reap the rewards of their efforts! Indoor growers may anticipate a good yield of 21 ounces per square meter.

The growing conditions that induce the purple hues in cannabis need to be cooled before the blooming stage. Growers will also have to strike a balance between stimulating anthocyanin pigment production and maintaining the plant healthy while maximizing yield.

THC Content – Highest Test

According to High Times, Purple Punch’s highest THC concentration is believed to be 20%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

The amount of CBD or Cannabinoid in Purple Punch is less than 1%.

Medical Benefits of the Purple Punch Strain

The list of ailments that Purple Punch users claim this strain can help with is long, including anxiety, sadness, and tension.

The ‘Purple Punch’ can be overwhelming at first, but this strain’s propensity to create a deep body melt sensation might also serve as a form of pain alleviation for consumers. Cannabis users with insomnia have additionally recommended this hybrid for its sleep-inducing properties.

Purple Punch is a great choice for unwinding after a long day at the workplace. Because of its mostly indica background, it is less likely to induce racing thoughts, making it ideal for treating such ideas as a result of a stressful and unpleasant day at the job.

Possible Side Effects of the Purple Punch Strain

Purple Punch, like most potent indicas, may induce profound drowsiness and couch-lock if taken in too high a quantity. It’s important to go low and slow to avoid undesirable consequences, whether you’re a beginner or seasoned smoker.

Users may experience cottonmouth or dry eyes, as well as dizziness in some cases.

Final Thoughts on the Purple Punch Strain

Purple Punch is a flavorful, powerful strain with everything you could want in a cannabis variety. It’s perfect for relaxing at night and helping you go asleep. Novices should be aware that Purple Punch marijuana may induce couch-lock and is very sedative.

Do you want to learn more about purple cannabis or how to grow it? This complete guide on how to cultivate purple marijuana for novices is a must-read.

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