Mochi Cannabis Weed

The Mochi strain is sweet, fruity, and creamy, just like the legendary Japanese dessert. On exhale, you’ll notice a gelato-like richness followed by fruity and tropical undertones interwoven with peppermint and lavender. It’s excellent for relaxing and calming your mind. Because of how sleepy it can make you feel, it’s popular among individuals suffering from anxiety issues as well as sleep problems.

Mochi is a rice cake prepared from japonica glutinous rice known as mochigome in Japan. The paste of pounded rice is molded into any form you desire, and it has been enjoyed for thousands of years by Japanese rulers and aristocracy. It was eaten primarily by Japanese emperor s and dukes during the New Year celebrations before becoming popular among ordinary people.

The rice cake may have given the cannabis strain its name, as it is a popular delicacy in Japan. It’s debatable whether the Mochi strain of marijuana is named after the rice cake. It’s an extremely potent hybrid with a high THC content. In the UK, it’s classed as a luxury strain, alongside Chicken & Waffles and Birthday Cake. Canadians should be grateful if they live in a state where marijuana is legal; it can cost them $1,000 per ounce!

What Is the Mochi Strain?

Mochi weed is a hybrid of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. It’s an indica-dominant plant with a sweet fragrance and flavor, as well as high potency. The strain is also known by names such as Mochi Gelato and Gelato 47, which it shares with other strains in the GSC family.

Cookiefam once again created a masterpiece by combining the finest features of two amazing strains.

Also, Mochi was developed by The Cookiefam, a group of three skilled breeders including Sherbinski, Jigga, and Flux. GSC was released by the Cookiefam, and it became one of the most well-known strains in history. No one thought the collection could get any better than it already was, but combining the greatest characteristics of two incredible strains once again resulted in another masterpiece.

When you’re high on Mochi, you’ll feel a sense of uncontrollable joy thanks to the high amount of THC and terpenes. Although this strain has a strong effect on your body, your mind is clear enough for you to focus if required.

Eventually, you feel completely relaxed, free from the world’s stresses. If you use a large dose of Mochi, you may get the munchies and find it difficult to fight sleep as the body high becomes too strong to resist.


Mochi is incredibly fragrant, and the fruity and sweet smell is a wonderful thing to experience. When you burn this weed, it could be mistaken for an incense candle by someone who doesn’t know marijuana from a hole in the ground. In our introduction, we forgot to mention that there is also a mochi gelato dessert in Japan, and this strain smells just like it.


Mochi tastes similarly to how it smells. Whether you are inhaling or exhaling, it will feel like enjoying a fruit cocktail or another tropical dessert. You will find it very hard to put this cannabis down! On the inhale, you get sweet, tangy, and creamy notes. On the exhale, you get hints of peppermint, earth, and lavender.


This strain is known for producing a strong purple coloring in patches while the bud is coated with glistening trichomes around harvest time. It is one of the most beautiful marijuana strains you will likely see. One look at a mature Mochi plant, and you know it is a potent strain. Once you break up the resinous nugs, you will find that they fall apart evenly, making them ideal for joint rolling.

Mochi Strain Grow Info

Don’t go looking for Mochi seeds. It’s a clone-only variety that’s best known for its ferocious vegetative growth, through to harvest. It generates large, dense buds and yields considerably more than what one might anticipate from a so-called “boutique” strain.

Jim Sherbinski chose Mochi because of its tiny stature. If you ever have the chance to grow Mochi, you won’t have many problems with space since it grows short and squat. The flowering period is 9-10 weeks long, and when it’s time to harvest, you might be shocked at how thick the buds are.

If you get your hands on Mochi genetics and have access to outside space, the plants will be ready for harvesting by the end of September or early October. The plants will be short but produce a lot of buds because to their tiny stature. If the rainy season arrives early,

THC Content – Highest Test

The THC concentration of mochi generally ranges from 21 to 29 percent, with higher-THC cuts having a measured THC level of up to 29%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Some mochi may have less than 0.1% CBD, while others may contain as much as 0.5%.

Medical Benefits of the Mochi Strain

Mochi is a powerful medical strain. Its strength makes it useful in the treatment of chronic pain, which are symptoms of fibromyalgia among other things. It may also be beneficial if you suffer from insomnia, sadness, stress, worry, or tiredness. While usage during the day is okay in moderation, using a larger dose at night will ensure a good night’s sleep.

Possible Side Effects of the Mochi Strain

Mochi will make you feel drowsy, give you a headache, and dry your eyes, as most extremely potent marijuana strains do. If you’re still at work when you use it, don’t use too much. Your body will become incredibly heavy after the initial creative inspiration wears off.

Final Thoughts on the Mochi Strain

Girl Scout Cookies were not the pinnacle of Cookiefam’s career, as many people thought. Mochi is one of the greatest strains released in recent years. It is also a highly potent strain with one of the nicest looks and fragrance around.

Mochi is a wonderful strain released in recent years.

Mochi isn’t the best option for a first-time grower since it needs a lot of attention, and there aren’t many available. Instead of getting concerned you won’t be able to produce it, go out and get some Mochi from your local dispensary (predominantly available in California and Oregon). Sit back and enjoy the most coveted treat on earth.

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