Moon Rocks

Have you ever experienced numb brows even though you physically touched them when you were excessively high? If Moon Rocks aren’t enough for you, try smoking them. You’ll be certain to sense it. I recently smoked marijuana for the first time, and two months later, I’m still unable to find my facial features.

What are Moon Rocks?

The GSC (Golden Stone Crew) is an incredible super fungus that grows on cannabis buds and produces THC megazord-style crystals. They’re essentially marijuana buds chopped up with edible strains like Blue Dream and hash oil, then dipped in it.

How strong are Moon Rocks?

Although the strength of each Moon Rock batch varies, many users have reported it to be around 50% THC (the average for ordinary flower is 20%).

The taste of hitting moon rocks is incredibly delicious, with a lot of terpene flavor. You’ll exclaim, “Wow,” as you hit moon rocks for the first time. The smoke clouds are extremely huge and full, making each hit feel like its own journey.

The high? Oh my goodness, don’t get me started on the high. A Moon Rocks high starts in your head and works its way throughout your entire body until it reaches your toes. You sense it right away, but you find out 30 minutes later that you’ve climbed a peak you weren’t expecting. I smoked a gram of Moon Rocks around 5 p.m., and when I awoke the next morning, I was still on Mars waiting for the train to Earth.

Pros and cons of smoking Moon Rocks


  • They will get you super high.
  • Cost-effective – like a few dabs of glue, just one drop does the trick.
  • Great for medical patients or other people who want a high dose of THC.
  • They can be a novelty and prompt interesting conversation.


  • Smoking marijuana will increase your heart rate and make you feel dizzy.
  • Some people put them in glass and roll them in a joint or blunt, but it’s better not to grind them.
  • Quick hint: Keep them in a cool, dry place. You don’t want them to melt all over you!

How to make your Moon Rocks

Moon Rocks are typically produced with GSC flower and/or concentrate, but any strain of hash may be used to make your own flavor. The following is a list of requirements:

  • Your favorite flower.
  • Your favorite concentrate/hash oil
  • A big ol’ bowl of kief from the bottom of your grinder
  • Tongs (or any grabbing/pinching apparatus)
  • A liquid dropper

Step 1: Choose a strain of marijuana that you enjoy. I recommend using one of the thicker nugs since they will keep the cannabis cocktail together better.

Step 2: Make your favorite concentrate before you begin brewing. If the oil is thick and difficult to handle, warm it until it becomes a liquid. Then use a dropping tool that will allow for thorough coverage while also keeping your bud dry and free of oils. It will take longer to dry and be difficult to light if you use too much bud.

Step 3: Take a bud from the jar with the tongs and roll it in kief until the entire nug is coated.

Step 4: Allow your Moon Rock to dry until it’s ready for use, then smoke it.

Tips for how to Smoke Moon Rocks

Moon Rocks are for experienced cannabis users since they provide a strong high. Here are some pointers to assist you have a fantastic time at your first Moon Rocks event.

Use glassware

Using some glassware or a pipe while smoking Moon Rocks might keep your hands from smelling like a stash. It’s thick and greasy, so it’ll need to be sliced into pieces with care because you’re attempting to split a Nerd’s Rope with someone.

If you’re going to roll your blunt on your own, think again; it won’t have enough Moon Rocks and won’t stay lit the same way a regular joint would.

Throw it on top of some flower

Moon Rocks are difficult to light and keep a cherry, but if they’re placed on top of some flowers, they’ll work better. You’ll also be double high, but you can’t worry about how high you get at this point since it’s impossible to tell where one peak ends and the next begins. (The answer is the peak.)

Moon Rocks may also be utilized to make a fantastic blunt/joint if you break some of them and scatter them over ground bud.

It’s certainly not a case of the munchies. Well, maybe it’s more like Red Bull and marijuana, but I digress. It won’t be like Blue Dream, where you’ll be up and ready to go about things after smoking cannabis. If you have a workout to do or some chores to get done for the day, finish them before consuming any cannabis so you don’t waste time feeling frustrated by how much time you’ve wasted.

Make sure you’re not making the same mistake I made—I smoked too much of Moon Rocks (a level of weed high that I figured would be simple to write about), so I couldn’t even type.

Safety tips when smoking Moon Rocks

  • Eat before smoking
  • The term before refers to the Moon Rock. If you use too much of the Moon Rock, it could make you sick; nausea can also assist with appetite reduction.
  • Don’t forget to stay hydrated

You’ll look like Spongebob after Sandy had him in the air dome for the first time when you’re that dehydrated. Cottonmouths are definitely real. When smoking Moon Rocks, it’s important to keep a gallon of water on hand at all times. The high may be so powerful that you won’t want to get up off the couch or desk for anything other than more marijuana, including drinking water!

The same may be said for the sweets you intend to consume after the high has your stomach doing backflips. To fill any sudden appetite pangs, I recommend some chocolate-covered almonds.

Choose the right environment

If you want to try Moon Rocks, make sure the surroundings are suitable and conducive to enjoying yourself. You’ll put your feet up and just want to be alone. So go ahead and get your couch game on point.

Final Conclusion

The term “moon rocks” refers to marijuana that has been subjected to a process called “drying out.” Moon rocks are not a specific variety of marijuana. Rather, they’re the end result of mixing various cannabis components together and providing you with an unforgettable experience.

Why not create a cannabis session that will stick in your memory (or recall) for a long time by combining Girl Scout Cookies with high-grade hash oil for a week, and topping it off with the best kief available?

Moon rocks marijuana can be found at dispensaries where weed is legal for sale, although the price can range from $1,400 to over $1,400 per ounce! Yes, you’re looking at around $200 for an eighth, but compared to regular marijuana, it’s a lot easier to get high. It isn’t difficult to make your own variation, though. Simply combine the three primary ingredients of cannabis and follow the instructions above.

You can also add moon rocks to edibles, but most consumers enjoy the wonderful smoking experience more. To consume moon rocks, you’ll need glassware, and we don’t suggest trying them if you’re a cannabis novice. Once you’ve prepared your moon rocks for smoking, go somewhere quiet and enjoy a real lunar journey!

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