Purple Zacatecas Weed Strain

The Purple Zacatecas strain is a sativa strain with a sweet flavor and moderate THC levels. It’s a 100 percent pure sativa with a pleasant sweet taste and a fair amount of THC.

Because of the large number of hybrid strains available, homegrowers are having a difficult time obtaining Landrace strains. Breeders these days combine present varieties to create new ones, resulting in a lot more hybrids on the market. The Purple Zacatecas strain, on the other hand, is a reminder of marijuana’s “golden age.”

What Is the Purple Zacatecas Strain?

The Purple Zacatecas strain is a pure sativa native to Mexico’s Zacatecas state. It’s claimed to be the parent of Bodhi Seeds’ Big Sur Holy Weed variety, which has an interesting color and relieving effects. Breeders and consumers adore Purple Zacatecas owing to its beautiful hue and pleasant effects.

Since its inception, Purple Zacatecas has been appreciated by breeders and customers for its unique hue and pleasant qualities.

The initial high is cerebral. After taking Purple Zacatecas, users report feeling uplifted and happy. You might also notice an improvement in your energy levels. Consider smoking it in the morning as a wake-and-bake strain. Use it in the afternoon if you’re weary and need a boost of energy instead.

It’s conceivable that after taking LSD, you will feel more creative and contemplative. When coming down from an LSD high, the majority of users claim they do not experience any burnout.


The buds of this strain have a piney and sweet scent that lingers. When you break up the buds, you’ll notice the sweet odor a little more. However, it’s mostly a hash smell that fills the air when you light this strain.


The sweetness you notice at first off Purple Zacatecas comes through in the flavor. Users enjoy the sweet taste of the first puff, and it might take a while for anything else to stand out. There are, however, faint undertones of cinnamon and licorice lurking in this strain’s flavor profile. On exhale, you may get a spicy flavor.


The green spade-shaped buds of this variety have a minty hue. This strain has an eye-catching look thanks to the orange hairs and crystal trichomes. The purple undertones, on the other hand, take it to a new level in terms of attractiveness.

Purple Zacatecas Strain Grow Info

Purple Zacatecas seeds are so rare that finding them is almost difficult. Instead, you may look to acquire clippings from clones for help. The specifics of how to grow this strain are rather limited. We understand that it thrives well in both indoor and outdoor environments

In terms of illumination, if you utilize LEDs, Purple Zacatecas will flourish. However, such lighting may be expensive and perhaps not worth the expense if only a few plants are required. HIDs should perform well in that situation.

You’ll notice that Purple Zacatecas is a light feeder when you grow it. If at all feasible, try an organic feeding plan to get the most out of it. Purple Zacatecas is highly resistant to pests and diseases such as botrytis and powdery mildew, so use pesticides sparingly. It may be harvested in the first half of October when grown outside. Indoor flowering time is 10-11 weeks long.

THC Content

Purple Zacatecas is a landrace strain that, like most landrace strains, doesn’t have a high THC concentration by today’s standards. You can expect it to have 14-16% THC in general.

CBD Content

It’s non-intoxicating, so it won’t make you feel drowsy or sedated. It has a low level of CBD, probably less than 0.1%.

Medical Benefits of the Purple Zacatecas Strain

Purple Zacatecas may appear mild in comparison to modern-day strains if you are used to them. Despite this, it is still popular among those who can get access to it. If you have attention problems or a low level of focus, you should give it a go. People with ADD/ADHD, in particular, may find that Purple Zacatecas helps them.

Purple Zacatecas isn’t a particularly powerful strain, but it may be beneficial if you have mild discomfort. If you’re having trouble coping with the day’s activities, this cannabis strain might help you out. It might provide you with the energy you need to get through a difficult afternoon. Finally, it’s worth a try if you’re feeling anxious or sad.

Possible Side Effects of the Purple Zacatecas Strain

Purple Zacatecas has a moderate THC content, which means that its undesirable effects are less apparent than those of higher-THC strains. The most typical unwanted effect is dry mouth. Dry eyes can also occur.

Final Thoughts

Purple Zacatecas is a strain that you may try if you want to experience an old-school cannabis plant. It has a moderate high, making it suitable for beginners or those with low THC tolerance. If you want to feel more confident about yourself, it’s a great way to do so. It might also raise your attention level.

This strain has a mild high, making it ideal for beginners or anybody with a low THC tolerance.

It’s nearly impossible to acquire clippings from fully developed Purple Zacatecas plants. It is, however, a relatively simple plant to grow.

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