White Walker Bubba

The White Walker Bubba is a cerebral and uplifting variety created by crossing Bubba Kush with the equally horticultural White Russian weed. It has a fruity and piney aftertaste with prominent undertones of blueberry. Its THC level can vary from modest 15 percent to considerably more powerful 23%, making it quite sedating, so use in the evening or when you don’t have any plans!

In other marijuana strain descriptions, we’ve previously mentioned the connection between strain names and the Star Wars series. Another proud member of this family is the White Walker Bubba strain. You’ll recognize Luke Whitewalker Bubba as one of the main characters unless you’re unfamiliar with the franchise.

In the last three movies in the saga, Mark Hamill returned to his role as a Jedi Master after previously playing it in Episodes IV-VI. While the White Walker Bubba character continues to fight against evil, the White Walker Bubba marijuana strain will incapacitate you from fighting back. With this strain, relaxation is the goal, and you will soon find yourself on the couch where utilizing the Force would be useful in drawing things to you.

It is not for novices, and it is popular among medicinal marijuana users as a great sleeping aid.

What Is the White Walker Bubba Strain?

The White Walker Bubba strain is a well-balanced hybrid bred by crossing Masar and Blueberry. It’s the brainchild of Amsterdam-based Dutch Passion Seed Company, who were able to produce a wonderfully soothing cannabis. It’s frequently confused with the hyped White Walker Bubba OG strain, and experienced smokers feel that the “original” variety is superior to its OG variation.

White Walker Bubba is a hybrid strain that combines the effects of White Widow and Bubba Kush. While it is typically defined as ‘balanced,’ White Walker Bubba has indica-leaning impacts that become apparent as your body and mind feel a sense of calm. It’s also really simple to grow, which only adds to its allure.


The White Walker Bubba marijuana strain’s aroma is pungent and may swiftly fill a space. Its fragrant aroma reminds me of a field filled with blueberries, and the juicy sweet fragrance should make your mouth water. The aromatic encounter was an accurate representation of the delicious taste experience to follow.


The sweet blueberry flavor is quite apparent, and it’s not hard to distinguish White Walker Bubba from the pack. In a blind taste test, an expert would be able to tell White Walker Bubba apart from the rest; such is its distinct flavor. There’s just enough spice to give this strain a little zip, and pine cone nuances are present throughout the fruit.


The White Walker Bubba Marijuana strain is sticky and resinous, with a beautiful appearance. The nuggets are sage green with faint purple tints and delicate orange hairs. There are a lot of trichomes on the White Walker Bubba weed; it literally glistens when you hold it up to the light.

The calyxes seem light and airy, and the buds I saw appeared to be properly dried and cured.

White Walker Bubba Strain Grow Info

White Walker Bubba is the ideal strain for people who want to grow it indoors. It may also be grown outside in a dry, sunny, and warm Mediterranean climate. Keep the temperature range between 68 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit whether you cultivate it inside or outside.

Outdoor growers will appreciate topping their plants on a regular basis, allowing them to develop in a robust bushy form. When the colas begin to expand, secure them with stakes. This strain is highly resistant to a variety of ailments, mold, and mildew, making it an excellent choice for first-time growers. White Walker Bubba is ready for harvest by mid-October when cultivated outside, and it yields up to 18 ounces per plant; however some growers claim they get 28 ounces!

However, you may find it considerably simpler to cultivate White Walker Bubba inside. The goal is to create a dry and bright environment in your grow room. Indoor farming with hydroponics is ideal, and the Sea of Green (SOG) technique should be considered.

If you choose to go with organic soil, top it off with worm castings as you push your plants into bloom. White Walker Bubba plants are moderate feeders that do well when the humidity is kept at a low level. This strain takes 8-9 weeks to flower indoors and can produce 14 ounces of bud per planted square meter when cultivated in an environment with average humidity.

THC Content – Highest Test

White Walker Bubba cannabis has a mild 15% to a more powerful 23% THC concentration.

CBD Content – Highest Test

White Walker Bubba contains 1 percent CBD, making it an excellent medical marijuana.

What Can I Expect When I Use White Walker Bubba?

You will be so high that you may feel like a Jedi Knight if you use enough of it! If you’re nervous or can’t seem to relax, have a few puffs of White Walker Bubba. It’s got a consistent buzz that makes you feel comfortable with yourself and your surroundings.

As you increase the dosage, it has a strong sedative effect. You may feel euphoric, happy, and even ecstatic at first, but eventually the soothing high spreads throughout your body, allowing you to stay in place regardless of where you are reclining or sitting.

White Walker Bubba may not be used during the day, unless you have no other options. It’s a wonderful choice at night or late in the evening. Don’t use too much if you want to feel clear-headed.

Medical Benefits of the White Walker Bubba Strain

The major advantage is as a sleeping aid. Users claim that when you use enough White Walker Bubba, it becomes almost impossible to stay awake. As a result, if you have severe insomnia, this strain is worth trying. The sedative effects of White Walker Bubba make it an ideal choice for unwinding after a stressful day.

White Walker Bubba is a potent strain that will help you relax and unwind. It’s good for managing pain symptoms since it is highly relaxing, uplifting, and euphoric. Patients suffering from period cramps, joint discomfort, and muscular aches have been treated with this marijuana. This strain has also been given to individuals who suffer from anxiety and depression because it is supposed to enhance their mood.

Possible Side Effects of the White Walker Bubba Strain

If you are about to operate a heavy vehicle, do not use White Walker Bubba! Some consumers have claimed they experienced a brief headache as the high wore off. If you’re not used to strong marijuana, White Walker Bubba might make you dizzy because it’s a strong type of marijuana. Dry eyes and a dry mouth are two common side effects.

Final Thoughts on the White Walker Bubba Cannabis Strain

The effects of the White Walker Bubba are highly desirable, with a cerebral high that is followed by a calm feeling that usually leads to couch-lock. It’s a great choice if you have to manage medical issues such as insomnia, sadness, anxiety, and stress.

The White Walker Bubba is a lovely-looking and fragrant plant. The major drawback is that overusing this delicious strain might keep you planted to the ground. As a result, make sure you only use it late at night or at night in most cases. It won’t make you paranoid or cause your heart to race in the vast majority of situations. Begin with a little amount and see how it affects you; then improve from there.

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