Gbets South Africa Betting Review 2022

GBets is an innovative online bookmaker that is looking to revolutionize the South African betting industry with its market-leading features and generous welcome bonuses. They undoubtedly offered a site that was designed to meet the demands of the local gambler. When compared to other sports bookies, GBets’ attention to detail is exceptional.


The GBets EditMyBet feature will wow bettors, as we’ve all desired to modify a pick on our bet slip at some time, and now it’s possible with Gbets. These are just a few of the amazing facts about Gbets. Stay tuned for more information about Gbets in this review.

Bonuses & Promotions

No Deposit Bonus

R30 Free No Deposit Sign Up Bonus

  • The $30 R30 bonus is only worth $100 if it’s earned within the first 30 days of signing up. It may be rolled over five times and wagered on BetGames, Live Games (Roulette, Bacarrat, etc.).
  • The highest prize withdrawals can be made from bonus money if the bonus requirements are satisfied.

First Deposit Bonus:

  • 100% First Deposit Bonus Up To R1,000
  • Up to R1,000 in bonus money is given depending on the amount of the initial deposit.
  • The minimum deposit is R20
  • The bonus expires 30 days after being claimed
  • The bonus is limited to three times the amount staked. The minimum odds for this game are 0.50 (5/10).

GBets Overview for South Africa

GBets has been providing South Africa with a top betting site since 2005. This information is reflected in the site’s excellent range of sports and casino games to play, as well as other features that make your betting experience pleasurable.

GBets Positives

Two Welcome Bonuses for All New Players

New users may check the site at their leisure using a no-deposit sign-up offer. Making your first deposit entitles you to a bigger deposit bonus, which enables you to get started on the site sooner.

Huge Selection of Sports from Various Countries

GBets offers a diverse range of sports to bet on, including golf and tennis. With over 50 different sports to bet on, including many local and international competitions, GBets has a particularly broad selection. Whether you enjoy watching soccer or darts, there’s something for everyone in the GBets library. Foreign tournaments may be found all across Russia and Brazil, for example.

Unique Betting Games Like Virtual Sports and Jika Sports

GBets, in addition to providing a wide selection of betting options that aren’t available on many other websites, also provides a large number of wagering games. Two more game kinds are Lotto Instant Win and Jika Sports.

Loads of Live Casino Table Games and Lotto Draws

Live games provide you with a more immersive gaming experience as well as the opportunity to interact directly with other gamers. Gbets has a wide range of online game types, including poker and baccarat, as well as uncommon selections such as Rock Paper Scissors.

GBets Negatives

Lack of Standard Casino Games Like Slots

GBets offers a large selection of casino games, but it lacks some well-known categories. Only one slot machine is available, and most table games must be done remotely.

Some Information on the Site Can Be Difficult to Find

The bookmaker’s website is a little hard to navigate. The site offers a lot of information and features, but the FAQ section is sparse, lacking key answers such as withdrawal methods that may be found on your account page. Cash Out and Edit My Bet are two functions mentioned several times throughout the website.

Mobile Betting With Gbets

GBets is a well-known brand, with a Betsafe name that extends into many sectors. When it comes to mobile, Betsafe may be the last to join the party, but they aren’t the underdog. Players now demand a mobile-first product with a basic layout, design, and navigation that has all of the functions. South Africa is recognized as a gaming culture where mobile play takes precedence.

The popularity of mobile gaming has helped bingo sites adapt to the new player habits. It offers players with consistent and visually attractive services across all platforms, much like Bovada Bingo. With all of the same bells and whistles regardless of device, players may anticipate a basic yet effective structure similar to that offered on the PC version.

Another example is Gbets’ mobile site, which demonstrates a company’s grasp of the difference between what works on a PC and what performs best on a phone. Gbets gets things just right with its mobile option, from the device’s knowledge to the size of a mobile display. To make website usability as simple as possible, Gbets has created big, vibrant icons to assist you navigate through the many categories.

Swiping through the choices in the same manner as on PC, players may simply change languages and odds formats to match their taste.

When it comes to mobile betting, we have one of our personal peeves: small and tough-to-press registration or login buttons. Fortunately, Gbets has dealt with this issue by eliminating numerous irrelevant links and instead focusing on an easy-to-find and click login and registration button in the upper right corner of your screen.

The drop-down menu bar in the left corner provides easy access to the site’s navigation. Fans will be able to view their favorite sports and matches.

Betgames and virtual sports are available on the Gbets mobile platform, as well as lucky numbers.

Quick Facts About

  • Owner: Goldrush Group Management (Pty) Ltd
  • Location (HQ): Roodepoort, Gauteng, South Africa
  • Year of Establishment: 2005
  • Odds Provided by: In-house
  • Betting Types & Functionalities: Live betting, Outrights, Statistics up to 6+ years back, Quick bet, Advanced filtering, Suggestions, Links to top leagues
  • Casino Games: 40+
  • Deposit Methods: VISA, MasterCard, OTT Voucher, 1ForYou Voucher, Blu Voucher, Standard Bank, First National Bank, Nedbank, EFT
  • Withdrawal Methods: eWallet, Bank transfer, VISA, MasterCard
  • Supported Apps: Android

Is Gbets Legal in South Africa?

Yes. We began our Gbets review with this issue, which was the first thing we looked into. Sports betting operations in South Africa are all legal, as confirmed by our research.

In 1994, casinos were legalized in South Africa. In 1996, the country’s initial genuine rules and restrictions on gambling came into effect. A regulatory board for gaming and lotteries was established for each state in 1996. They all, however, report to the National Gambling Board of South Africa as a whole.

GBets is a South African online bookmaker. It’s completely legal in South Africa, and it has been reviewed and certified to verify that the security and fairness are up to snuff. We may trust GBets as a safe and respected sports betting site for South African bettors because we are certain that it is both legal and secure.

If you don’t believe us, you may always double-check the registration number against the Gbets’ operator and brand name that should be in the registry by using it against the Gbets’ website.

Gbets Registration

To join GBets South Africa, simply click the Register button in the upper right corner of the page. It’s in the same position on both mobile and desktop versions, and it’s bright yellow, so you’ll be able to see it! Fill out your registration form with your own information once your form appears.

Keep in mind that South African betting sites, like all other types of gambling websites, require FICA information as well as basic contact information. This is frequently required to establish a person’s identify behind a bet account. Follow the directions to authenticate your contact information and create the account. You will be automatically logged in after you create an account. If you switch websites and reopen it later, you will have to login manually.

It’s also simple to login. When you click on it, the Login button will appear. After that, type in your phone number and password, then press Submit. If you’ve forgotten your login details, don’t worry. Simply utilize the forgot password function to reset your password. You may include your phone or email address here if you like. Instantly, a reset link will be sent to you by email.

Create a new password for the system to utilize. If possible, put “All Users” as your access level, or enter “All Users” as your user group. Choose a strong but simple password.

How to Deposit at Gbets

Gbets South Africa is an online betting site that allows you to bet with Bitcoin. The next step after signing up is self-explanatory. To wager, you must first deposit funds into your account. Simply click the Deposit button at the top of the page to contribute money. Make sure you’re logged in before continuing. This will take you to a deposit page where you can choose how much money to put down and which payment method to use. You may also enable any bonuses or special offers linked with your account at this time .

Vouchers are simple to purchase. You buy the vouchers as soon after you acquire them as possible. Simply input the voucher code when making a deposit. The value of the voucher will be credited to your Gbets account shortly after the transaction is completed.

At the time of deposit, you must select one of the payment alternatives offered from the drop-down menu in order to pay with a credit card or an electronic transfer.

If you wish to pay with a credit card or electronic transfer, click the drop-down menu from the payment alternatives option on the deposit screen.

When depositing using Credit Card, you must supply your complete name, card number, expiration date, and security code. You will also be required to input an OTP if you confirm your purchase. Credit cards are one of the most secure payment methods available.

EFTs are only available if you have internet banking enabled on your bank account. Gbets’ bank account information will be accessible in a separate portal if you choose EFT as a payment option.

How to Withdraw Money from Gbets

Withdrawals are fairly similar to deposits in that they must be approved by the bank. You should be able to retrieve money without difficulty if you can successfully send them. The first step in withdrawing funds is, of course, to sign into your account. After that, look for a withdraw option on your accounts page or menu. Choose or tap on it from this screen to go to the Withdrawal Page.

There are a few things to keep in mind before you make a withdrawal. The first is that some incentives and criteria may prevent you from withdrawing. Other bonuses will be discontinued as soon as you make a withdrawal. So, be sure any bonuses are turned on before proceeding to withdraw.

The same withdrawal options are available for Gbet’s withdrawals as for deposits. One option is to use EFT or to bank your money using a credit card. Then you’ll have to choose a payment method in the Withdrawal menu after that. After that, input how much money you want to withdraw.

The process of depositing and withdrawing funds on Gbets is generally slower than Gbets. Before the money can be released, the sportsbook must confirm it. In general, you may anticipate to get your cash within a few minutes or hours.

It could take anywhere from two to three days for your money to arrive in your account after you cancel the card. If the cash does not show up in your account after that period, you should contact customer care. It’s evident something has gone wrong; you must address it as soon as possible.

Available Banking Methods For Gbets South African Players

The following Deposit methods are available to Gbets customers:

  • SiD Instant EFT
  • Paygate Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard)
  • Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex)
  • 1Voucher
  • OTT Voucher
  • Ozow
  • Instant EFT
  • CelBux Voucher
  • Direct Bank Transfer
  • Available Withdrawal Methods:

The following Withdrawal methods are available to Gbets customers:

  • Peachpay Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex)
  • Mpessa
  • FNB eWallet
  • CelBux Voucher
  • OTT Payout

Safety & Security

If you’ve read any of our other reviews, or simply know a little bit about us, you’ll know that one of the most significant things we look for is ensuring that you, the player, are as safe and secure while playing online as well as managing your money online.

Gbets Sports Market Review

The sports are the most important element of any sports betting site. During our Gbets evaluation, we spent a lot of time researching various sports.

Gbets has a variety of sports to choose from, including basketball and hockey.

Football, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, and other popular sports are all represented. There are a variety of nonmainstream sports betting markets as well. The following are some examples of the latter: bandy, floorball, curling, alpine skiing, surfing, kabbadi , and others.

There are also some unique bets and non-sports wagers available. You may put your money on who will be the Oscar winner or the finest presidential candidate if you have a strong feeling about it!

Virtual Sports Review

Gbets virtual sports are played on a computer rather than in person. In a game of virtual football, for example, all of the players would be simulated and controlled by computers.

In virtual football games, a random number generating algorithm is employed to offer some unpredictability. This randomness helps to keep the virtual games from being overly predictable.

In our Gbets test, we looked at the Virtual Football, Virtual Cycling, Virtual Horse Racing, and Virtual Drag Racing games.

Esports Review

Esports, a relatively new addition to the world of sports, has drawn significant attention. Esports are highly competitive multi-player video games with a large following among fans. At the moment, esports is a fast-growing scene, but it’s still generating a lot of buzz and enthusiasm!

Betting on esports games is available at Gbets, the country’s largest online sports betting site. ESports include nearly every game that uses a video gaming system (VGS), such as DOTA 2, League of Legends, Starcraft II, Warcraft III, Valorant, and Counter Strike.

There are few unique occurrences in any of these games. There are, however, several betting markets for the tournaments that take place. In DOTA2, the Match Winner, Handicap, and Total Number of Games markets are just a few examples.

Live Review

Live betting is another popular feature of a contemporary online sports betting site. Before, all bets were pre-game. After the match, no new bets could be placed.

However, that isn’t the case any more thanks to in-play betting alternatives. Modern computers allow bookmakers to re-estimate the chances of a game on the fly, allowing them to wager on a game that is currently live in your presence as a punter.

Gbets South Africa’s live sports area will display all of the current ongoing games. The live sports section of Gbets South Africa displays a variety of data for each match, as well as the current game situation.

The chances of a bet vary dramatically depending on the game’s events. If the other team scores a lucky goal before the start of the game, for example, the pre-game favorite to win team might rapidly become an underdog. A star player may be injured and have a significant impact on the match’s prospects.

Live betting is a different breed of wagering than pre-game wagering. We recommend that bettors explore live gaming alternatives offered by Gbets since they provide live gaming alternatives.

How to Download the Gbets App?

In our Gbets study, we looked at the mobile version of Gbets. There is no Gbets app available yet, which is a shame. On the other hand, the mobile website works in the same way as the desktop site and does not need an app to access it.

Instead of downloading and installing an app on your phone, you may visit with your web browser to join the game. You may also go to this page and pick Gbets! The layout of the mobile site is identical to that of the desktop version. The only difference between them is that, in portrait mode, the mobile site has been optimized for a smaller screen.

Finally, the mobile site contains all of the functions available on the desktop site. You may create an account by entering your email address and password, then signing in. You can wager as usual and earn rewards as usual if you have money in your account.

Another disadvantage of a website is its greater data usage. However, if you are using a modern browser or smartphone, you may always enable Data Saver in your browser or phone. If you play Gbets South Africa on the mobile web rather than using an app, you will not receive any notifications. An application can notify you when a game is finished or when a new bonus becomes available.

We’d really like to have a mobile app for Gbets in the near future. Consumers may now be satisfied with the high-quality mobile website, but we’re working on it.

Gbets Customer Support

If you have any queries or require assistance making an online wager, we’ve compiled the following resources for you.

  • Live chat: For basic questions, such as difficulties logging in or depositing money, live chat is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The live chat option is ideal for any day-to-day issues, such as login problems or bank account restrictions. All you have to do is input your phone number and a question about which you want assistance.
  • General Support Email: [email protected]
  • Call Line: +27 8612 Gbets (42387)
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:

The Bottom Line – Gbets Rating

Despite the few flaws, Gbets is still a fantastic betting site for South African gamblers. The benefits substantially outweigh the drawbacks, and the site’s wide range of unusual games and betting possibilities is certain to appeal to a wide range of bettors.

That is why Gbets South Africa has received a 9.4 ranking from us. We’ll notify you if the overall rating of this South African bookmaker changes.

Gbets Review FAQs

What is Gbets?

Gbets allows you to place bets on a number of sports. An online sportsbook website based in South Africa, Betts offers a variety of wagering opportunities. Individuals can participate in athletic events. Account creation and real money deposit are both available, after which bets may be placed using the funds in one’s account.

How to contact Gbets?

You may contact OnBets in a number of ways if you’re having problems with them. If you can’t discover the answers to your questions on their website, call them up. To connect with a customer care specialist, use the yellow Chat button at the website’s corner. You may also call 021 023 3634. Send an email to [email protected] if you’d like to save time by sending only one message containing all of the information you want to share.

For emails, you can expect a response within a day. Both live chat and phone conversations are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days per week, making it simple for you to contact them at any time if you have questions.

How to play Gbets online?

Playing Gbets online is a very simple procedure. All you have to do is register for an account and deposit money before playing Gbets online. Then, by choosing it from the list of events, you may bet on the match.

To add a bet, select “Add a Bet” from the drop-down menu in the betting section of your betslip. The bet will be added to your betslip in this manner. In this manner, you may enter as many bets as necessary. You can discover all of your wagers by checking the Stake box on the betslip after making them. If you have any free bets available, you can use them at this time.

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