The Scarborough Cannabis Store, a Pot Shop in the Heart of Toronto

Scarborough has been undergoing a transformation and so has cannabis. The west end of Toronto is seeing a surge at, but with this comes more than just the location. For better or worse, it means that Torontonians are frequently coming across weed in and around their neighborhoods. This means that pot shops are popping up all over the place; they’re not just around college campuses and coffee shops like they used to be.

In 2019, Toronto will see many more pot shops opening their doors as the city’s regulations surrounding recreational marijuana become increasingly lax. With this surge of growth comes a number of problems for Torontonians – namely an increase in crime. The nation’s largest city recently declared that it would ban marijuana dispensaries from setting up shop within 300 metres of schools and playgrounds which has some people wondering if this is just another case of Toronto overreacting when faced with an imminent.

Even though it is legal to buy and consume cannabis in Canada, there are still a lot of misconceptions about what it means to be a cannabis consumer. The government has made it very clear that people can’t get high from just smoking weed- they have to use other methods like edibles or oils and all you need can found in one sigle store They disined their products to fulfil your all type of cannabis need.

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